14 January 2020

Head Off Emergencies With a Last-Minute Package of Items

While we all hope for a seamless, perfect wedding day, it is more likely that some sort of issue will happen at the last minute! If you are a bridesmaid or maid of honor, it is helpful to put together an emergency kit of sorts to have on hand for the big day, so your bride can relax and not worry if a challenge pops up.

What to include in an emergency kit:

Apparel fix: Wedding day clothing – from the tuxes to the dresses – are often the source of wedding day problems. Have a sewing kit on hand with safety pins and hem tape will help with any rips or fitting issues. The classic, yet effective trick of stopping runs in nylons should be accessible: clear nail polish. And super glue may be just what you need if a shoe, jewelry or accessory breaks.

Fuel for your body: Nerves are expected on a big day, which may prompt any members of the wedding party not to eat. Or maybe there just doesn’t seem like there is time to nosh. Make sure to have bottles of water and small snacks, such as granola bars or nuts. Just try to make sure it’s not too messy, so that it doesn’t cause any new issues, such as clothing stains!

Hair help: Sure the wedding party has sat through a professional hair session, but that does not mean that your hair will stay perfect! Hairspray and bobby pins can help reset your do.

Makeup touchup: Crying, hugging and laughing can all mess up a flawless face. Use waterproof makeup in the first place, but also have your colors available for any needed touchups.

Tear catchers: Little tissue packs will be a godsend on the big day! They can wipe off makeup mistakes, mop up tears, or catch any crumbs from a snack.

First aid: A pain reliever is essential for headaches or body aches that can happen from stress or new and different clothing. Band-Aids also can be necessary for blisters from new shoes.

Black socks: These will help if a member of the groom’s party forgot to pack dress socks for the day!

Freshness for sure: Gum, mints or mouthwash will help stave off dry mouth and bad breath.

Style, Service, Scrumptious Food All For You

With your own private bridal room, you can stash all of your emergency essentials at Riviera Country Club. We have designed our services with the bride and groom in mind to have their most memorable and stress-free day. You can exchange vows and have your reception all on our grounds that have a beautiful lake and outstanding decor.

You create a custom menu based on your food preferences and serving style. We assist with hot hors d’oeuvres, cutting and serving your cake, cocktail service for the bridal and immediate family tables during dinner, and providing outstanding customer service. Connect with us through our online contact form.


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