19 April 2018

How to Plan Bachelorette Party

Ready to Party?

Are you the maid of honor for your best friend’s wedding and have been asked to arrange the bachelorette party? Is your sister getting married and you are now in charge of planning the bachelorette party? Planning a party can be a lot of fun. There are so many ideas that people have shared on social media, you can see images of themed decorations and get ideas for food and beverage options.

Pick a place. There are so many places to host a bachelorette party now. For instance, you can have a party at your house, a park, a bar, a restaurant, a banquet hall, a casino, the beach, or a destination — like Vegas or New York! The list is endless. Once you decide what the ideal locale will be, now you can pick your theme.

Theme or no theme. Many parties have a theme. What does the bride like to do? Does she like to exercise, make crafts, cook, camp or go wine tasting? You can plan your party around these ideas. For instance, you can all go to a yoga or pilates class then go out to a bar to celebrate, or you can rent a bus and all go on a wine tasting tour. If you can’t find a specific theme, that’s okay too. The bride-to-be becomes the theme.

Decorations and Accessories. No party is complete without decorations. If your theme is Barbie, then decorate with Barbie Dolls, and pink table cloths. If the theme is bride-to-be, you can decorate with customized wine glasses and choose table cloths that are the color of the bridesmaid dresses. For accessories, purchase boas for the attendees and a sash and tiara for the bride-to-be.

Party games. The best parties get people to interact with one another. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to play games. If your party is at home, you can go on a scavenger hunt, or you can play bachelorette bingo. If you are planning a co-ed party with the groomsmen, you have everyone participate in athletic events with a wedding olympics. Talk with the bride and other attendees to see what would be the most fun for everyone, then plan from there.

Food and beverage. If you are having the party at home, you can have the event catered from her favorite restaurant or her wedding caterer, or have everyone bring a dish that is one of the bride’s favorites to eat. If the bride has a signature drink, make sure that you have all the ingredients and plenty of it. Make sure you have plenty of water, soda and juices as well. If you plan to go to a restaurant or bar, preorder a variety of food that is certain to please every palate.

Transportation. Depending on where your party will be located, transportation may be an issue. Think about ordering a party bus, or making arrangements to have everyone stay over the house or a hotel. Everyone will be able to relax and have a good time if they know they don’t have to drive.

Bachelorette Parties are Social Occasions

Bachelorette parties are pre-wedding gatherings meant to bring everyone together in a social atmosphere. The ultimate goal is to celebrate with the bride and possibly the groom too before the wedding. You may want to host your gathering with us at the Riviera Country Club. Call us at 708-349-2101 or visit us online, for more information.


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