29 January 2019

The Season For You: The Pros And Cons Of When To Have Your Wedding

There are so many factors that can go into pinning down a wedding date: maybe your work schedule, family’s availability or honeymoon plans. If you are one of those couples who don’t have any limitations and need some assistance in narrowing down the season, we take a look at the perks and deterrents to having a wedding in each season.


If you are a snow and cold lover, this is an obvious choice! Other reasons to consider a winter wedding, include the fresh, white snow that may be available as a backdrop to your pictures. You will also be able to spotlight all things cozy as part of your theme.  Also, this is typically a not-so-busy season, so you should find more flexibility with your vendors.

The downsides to this season include competing with holiday events and possible bad weather. You and your bridesmaids will also need another layer of warmth for any outdoor pictures, such as shawls or wraps.


The expected ideal weather of spring makes it a popular choice for weddings! There are so many colors and a sense of natural beauty that comes along with the spring months. Your choice of color palettes adds to this season’s allure.

The cons of spring are found in its popularity! You will be competing with other couples for all of the same services, so you have to get to planning early. Also, this is peak allergy season, so if you or your family members are allergy-sufferers, this is something to keep in mind.


With the long days of summer, you have flexibility in scheduling and more time to get your wedding photos taken as there is more light later. You will also be able to choose from a variety of flowers.

The downside of summer is the heat. You may experience hot weather and lots of sunshine, which can affect your photos. You may also be competing with summer vacations and summer plans of your family and friends.


Last but not least is the season of fall! With cooling temperatures and the changing colors of leaves, this is the perfect time of year for many couples. Fall is also ideal for a color scheme that embraces deeper and darker hues, such as oranges and deep purples.

As with summer dates, fall can get filled up fast, so couples need to be planning in advance to grab all of the vendors that they really want. This time of year is also filled with conflicting dates, such as Halloween, back-to-school, and Thanksgiving. Guests that need to travel to you may be feeling the pinch of summer vacations and be more strapped financially.

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