03 December 2019

Traditions and Trends Combine For a Special Engagement

Way before you are calling us here at Riviera Country Club to set up your wedding plans, you have to get engaged! Popping the question has centuries of history behind it and lots of tradition. Couples can find their own unique blend of what’s old and new to have a perfect engagement.

Asking the question leads the way to being Mr. and Mrs. Traditional ways include asking the bride’s parents for permission and of course, getting down on one knee to pop the important question. Today, it can be more relaxed and often, more unique ways are taking over from the bended knee approach. 

Check out how unique proposals can be:

Capturing the moment: Planning goes into capturing this memory that will launch your lives together. Hidden proposal photography is a great way to make sure that you really catch the emotions behind this special moment.

A group effort: This event does not need to be just the couple-to-be! This would be orchestrated behind the scenes by the groom-to-be and may be as simple as family members or special friends waiting in the wings to jump out with drinks and balloons and hugs.

The perfect setting: Springing the question on a vacation is a great way to start celebrating the new couple. A destination proposal takes you to a place close to your heart that will hold special memories and can be a trip for anniversaries. Plus, unique sceneries can be beautiful backdrops to photos.

Creative concepts: This trend can go anywhere your imagination can go. This can be an outlet for creativity that will make the proposal so much more personal and memorable. For example, a scavenger hunt can take the bride-to-be on an adventure with the proposal at the end.

Old and New Come Together in More Ways

Your engagement ring is a symbol of your initial love for each other. Diamonds have long been the stones of choice and often are in a solitaire format. Going beyond classic styles, your ring may include a mix of precious stones and metals in a design either chosen by the groom-to-be or the couple together. Just make sure that whatever camp your engagement ring falls in, the wedding ring needs to match the classic or trendy vibe. 

Engagement announcements were once newspaper ads or hand-written letters. Technology allows us to share much easier and visually, but partaking in this tradition is still a great way to mark the event.

We Can Help With All of the Wedding Details

At Riviera Country Club, our team of experts has helped too many couples to count! We continue to help with all types of weddings – trendy or traditional – and have key elements at the core of our offerings. We do not compromise on service, food and extras, such as our gazebos and decor components. 

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